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Sunday, April 13th, 2008

On Existentialism:

More than other things, its viability is dependent on Success.
If you reach a conclusion, it may cause an epiphany that enlightens you and leads to a happier life in a bleak world.
If all you find is unsatisfying answers and deep chasms in your understanding of your world, it will lead to bitterness and potential […]

The Word

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Das Geheimnis darin einen Mikropersonenkult zu gründen liegt nicht nur darin die Leute zu zwingen dich so nett zu behandeln wie du es tust, man muss sie auch dazu zwingen sich dabei toll zu finden.
Das Geheimnis einen Makropersonenkult zu gründen liegt darin möglichst viele möglichst dumme Leute zu finden und ihnen möglichst viel Angst davor […]

Das Wort

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

Maybe one of the keys to life is to preserve the wonder despite knowledge, never stop to marvel despite having the explanation.

The Word

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

On Illusions
Whats fascinating to me is how different you need to treat your perceptions depending on how you perceive. When perceiving something with your eyes, it is interpreted by the brain. This often leads to you seeing things that aren’t there, illusions because you mind interprets things into what you see without them being really […]

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Friday, February 29th, 2008

One of life’s great Mysteries to me has always been the fact that you feel the most alive when you’re scared to death.

Das Wort

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Because it works, bitches!

Das Wort

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Marketing Sex Toys is all about finding a Niche and filling it.
- R Stevens

Das Wort

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

When Life is so noisy that you can’t hear your own thoughts, try turning up your volume


Friday, August 31st, 2007

sometimes, things are just too good to become true

The Word

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Life is not a state of being. You are not alive.
Instead, Life is a process. You live.